Ahhh Nulld

by The Bone on Dec.21, 2011, under Uncategorized

I’ll be back.

Will make best efforts to provide periodic updates over the course of the holiday season.

Have a very happy and a very safe holiday season !!!

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What’s the deal with airplane peanuts ?

by The Bone on Sep.15, 2010, under Uncategorized

Sorry, blatant “borrowing” from a beloved sitcom.

However, I felt it appropriate for this blog which shall contain some general (inane?) observations.

1. Host city drivers. Yes, we get it. Your life is busy, you’re an important person. Everyone with slogan bumper stickers is an important person. However, a word of advice – when you’re trailing someone with out of province plates (never mind from a different country) and your trailing borders on tailgaiting, you kind of look like a complete jackass when the person in front of you makes a perfectly acceptable lane change and you flip them the bird from almost crashing into them because you were in a huge hurry to get home to Facebook * your friends. Be aware of your surroundings, dummy.

2. I love using run on sentences.

3. When did Facebook, a proper noun, actually become a verb ? (props to JHH for that observation.)

4. Isn’t it ironic that people don’t get the fact that Alanis was being ironic when misusing the word “ironic ?”

5. Do you think Che’s ghost is pissed off ?

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Just saying hello !

by The Bone on Aug.12, 2010, under Uncategorized

Hi everyone. Stay tuned, as I almost have this up and running !!!

Coming soon, I shall opine about a great many things – College Football, Pro Football, Baseball, Hockey, World Affairs etc etc.

Subscribe via the RSS feed to keep on top of updates.

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